The CoDe Alliance is gathering about every six to eight months. We share thoughts, presentations, and demo results and new approaches.

You’ll find the next gathering announced below - unless you just missed one? Then stay tuned.

The 8th gathering will be in Køge on June 7th and 8th

We are planning the next two-day gathering in the Comwell Køge Strand hotel. Everything is arranged from dinner to snacks and nice code camp facilities. You just have to show up.

We will start on the 1st day at 11.00 (you are welcome from 10.00 though) and end on the 2nd day at 15.00, so you have time to travel back home.

On Day 1 we’ll have presentations, lightning talks, breakout sessions and facilitated workshops.

Day 2 will have a dedicated theme.

More details will be available soon.

How to join

There is only two prerequisites that need to be met for you to pack your suitcase and join us:

  1. You’ve gotta be ambitious about Continuous Delivery, DevTestOps, and Automation.
  2. You’ve gotta have an invitation.

When you get your invite, it will contain the promotion code needed for registration below.

If you need an invite - mail us at and explain your case.

Sign-up for the 8th Gathering

Enter your promotion code and apply, so you can register and pay for the venue.