Alliance Members

Members listed here are the companies who either funded one or more tools in the Continuous Delivery tool stack, or who attend the half-yearly gatherings on a regular basis.


The Continuous Delivery Company. The organizers and enablers behind the CoDe Alliance initiative.

Yxlon International

Industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography systems for non-destructive material testing.


Full range supplier of pumps for heating, air conditioning, irrigation, industry, groundwater, boosting and water.


Worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of microcontrollers (formerly known as Atmel).


Specializing in nanoscale wireless low-power technology for ultra-high resolution impulse radar.


Manufacture trucks, busses, construction equipment, marine and industrial power systems, and aerospace systems


Creators of CodeSonar; The static analysis tool for C, C++, Java, and binary code

MAN Diesel & Turbo

Provider of large-bore diesel engines and turbo machinery for marine and stationary applications


Specialized in encrypted PIN Pads, unattended Payment Terminals, Remote encryption keys

Siemens Wind Power

Among the worlds leading wind turbine manufacturers


Provides smart metering solutions for utilities and submetering within electricity, water, heat energy and cooling


The Danish National Tax authorities

Gul og Gratis

Online portal for peer-to-peer trading of new and preowned goods